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Project Conceptualisation:

Let Open Links help you plan and conceptualise your project from only a basic idea to full project rollout and fulfillment. We will help you turn your Business Park, Commercial Facility, Shopping Mall, Residential Estate or Residential. Community into a first-world connected environment that will rapidly increase broadband speeds and broadband penetration. High-speed fibre connections will further increase your property value and increase your home or facility’s desirability to be purchased or leased.

Project Design & Financial Viability:

The Open Links approach to network design and feasibility determination is centered around an accelerated return on investment for shareholders. It furthermore targets the identification and site acquisition of the most profitable deployment locations, combined with an appropriate design approach that will ensure high end-user uptake and a ARPU (Average Revenue per User). A deployment philosophy that targets a low cost of ownership, complimented by low monthly Operational costs and a high yield on long-term annuity revenue streams.

Physical Fibre Network Deployment:

The deployment of the physical network forms a critical part of the overall success of any project. Open Links has the skills and track record to successfully deploy your project at the highest quality standards, on time and within an appropriate budget. Open Links engage with only the best civil and fibre specialists with a focus on superior project management, health & safety attentiveness and attention to detail and quality.

Managed Access Services:

Carrier neutral, managed access services forms the cornerstone of the Open Links value proposition. This is a core skill has been developed and perfected by Open Links and brings together all the services offered into a single solution. Link has the industry relationships with all the appropriate Original Equipment Manufacturers, Integrators, Service Providers, Telco and CellCo Operators to ensure that your project is planned, deployed and operated to ensure a world-class operated network.


Open Links (Pty) Ltd is an Open Access network and Managed Services provider in the Information Communication and Telecommunications (ICT) industry.

The Telecommunication landscape in South Africa changed forever in 2008 when the Minister of Communications lost a court case that lead to the licensing of over 500 network and service providers by ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa);

South Africa furthermore leap-frogged the US and European Cable Network deployments and fibre has rapidly been
adopted locally as a high-speed, future proof and fixed line deployment medium of choice since 2004.

Since license liberalization in 2008, network and Internet service providers have positioned themselves to take
advantage of this world first licensing regime. This environment encouraged Open Links’ founder to jointly conceptualize and establish Century City Connect in 2010 – South Africa and Africa’s first carrier neutral, open access and lit managed service network.

Open Links evolved as a business from the vision of it’s founder and CEO Alfie Martin to establish carrier neutral, open access networks whilst offering lit managed services to business, commercial and residential communities in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

At the foundation of the Open Access networks build and services offered by Open Links lies Fibre-to-the-Business
(FTTB) and Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) solutions, generally referred to as the FTTx Industry.

True Open Access over fibre networks is defined by the offering of dark-fibre or lit managed access over a carrier
neutral, fibre network. True Open Access is highlighted by services offered by a provider that does not in any way offer layer 3-based voice or broadband services by competing with its carrier and Internet Service Provider customers.


The drivers of FTTx:

Cloud Computing:
Cloud Computing is rapidly changing the way that we access information and interact with each other; Cloud computing is mainly a business and mobile tool today but is increasingly becoming a reality in more and more households for fixed-line applications; Cloud computing requires high-speed and redundant broadband networks to ensure that the end-user remains “connected” at all times. Open Links and FTTx networks enable Cloud Computing!
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M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Interfacing:
M2M is generally referred to as “The Internet of Things”. Cloud computing today is busy connecting man to more and more devices; It enables more and more devices such as cars, fridges, smart meters, billboards and smart home systems, to name but a few; M2M applications has necessitated the global adoption and deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IpV6) and the speed at which M2M applications will roll-out will ultimately be determined by the successful global adoption of IPv6 in the coming years. Open Links Networks are ready to adopt M2M.

Electronic Security Network Interfacing:
Usually FTTx and electronic security networks are duplicated and deployed adjacent to each other. Why duplicate networks? Rather combine these networks as one network – let Open Links show you how! An appropriately deployed FTTx network can both satisfy electronic surveillance and Communication needs. Devices like thermal cameras, biometric readers; etc can all be connected over a FTTx network to a central control centre; Camera streams and other security network data can furthermore be viewed over the network. To this extent, end-users in a residential building or estate can view selected security camera feeds in the comfort of their own lounge and on their own flatscreen TV’s. Let Open Links deploy your integrated FTTx and ICT networks;
Electronic Security

IPTV, Community Portals, Multi-Screen Services and Video-on-Demand:
With more linear and IP-Based (Internet Protocol) content becoming available, it is increasingly placing pressure on how we distribute this content; Community portals are changing the way residents interact with each other, security providers and devices as well as with the greater community around them; Multiscreen services is changing the way we view content and is enabling the sharing of content between televisions and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
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OTT (Over-The-Top) Content:
The rapid increasing availability of high-speed access networks such as FTTH is making it possible for the delivery of sustainable OTT models; Box Office offered by Multichoice today is South Africa’s first real taste of a sustainable OTT content model; Other OTT content such as Netflix, Hulu and Viewster will in the future become officially available in South Africa; A new day is dawning in the content industry and Open Links is at the forefront of facilitating the adoption of OTT!
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